Titan III Series

BarrellaSpa – Relaxing in Style

The Titan III series is dynamic versatile swim spa that offers space & comfort within its 580cm x 220cm rectangular frame and capacity of 10.000 liters of water.

Just like all Barrella models, the Titan III series is embraced with a multiple layered acrylic shell under which a high density insulated foam cradled by a strong stainless steel frame for extra protection and structure lie.

Spa thermo cover

The thermal insulation cover minimizes water heat loss and evaporation. In cases where the hydromassage is installed outdoors, the cover maintains the quality of the water, as it prevents exposure to sunlight or external environmental conditions.

Silent pump

The pumps installed in Barrella’s hydromassage offer high quality performance as well as minimising the noise. So sit back and relax with a pump that is efficient, reliable and above all, quiet.

Inox Frame

All Barrella hot tubs are based on a stainless steel frame. As a result it prolongs life span of the hot tub as well as avoiding any distortions to the frame.


Barrella has equipped its models with underwater LED lighting systems, so you can choose a specific color or a range of alternating colors, with the aim of creating a small wellness center based on the positive effects of color change on human health.

Flex massage

Flex massage is the ability provided by the spa to the user, to adjust the water pressure in the jets. Either by varying it directly at the jets, or by using the distribution and branching system of the spa, thus sending more water pressure to specific positions of the spa.

Balboa Control Systems

Our company uses control systems and heaters from the American company Balboa, providing efficiency, ease of use and top quality. The design, the evolution of top manufacturing combined with the modern production facilities, make Balboa the largest manufacturer of hydromassage control panels in the world.

Aristech Acrylic

Our company uses Aristech acrylic sheets for the construction of the hydromassage shell. Aristech has been the world’s leading supplier of acrylic sheets for many decades. The surfaces remain shiny over time, do not lose their original color, nor do they fade with sun exposure.

Arctic insulation

The Arctic insulation system provides insulation with high density insulating foam under the shell, as well as insulation at the bottom and perimeter of the spa. In this way the spa placed outdoors at low temperatures, exhibit low heat losses.


Aromatherapy allows us to release pleasant aromas, through the air bubbles produced by the air massage system, in the spa water.

Crystal Clear Water

It is the method of water purification in hydromassage which includes three stages:
– The collection of water from the hydromassage and its introduction into the chamber of pressure filters, so that all water impurities are effectively treated.
– The injection of ozone (O3) into the hydromassage water. Which neutralizes particles that cannot be retained by filters, such as oils and soaps.
– The purification of water using UV light (UV Lamps), minimizes the use of chemicals to clean it while keeping it clean and transparent. This system uses ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria / germs in the water.